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You are a mean old arrogant tough bitch

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Leona Helmsley, the "Queen of Mean" whose legendary cruelty towards her employees and disdain for "little people" became the unacceptable face of New York high society in Ronald Reagan's s, died yesterday of a heart attack aged She died in Dunnellen Hall, the summer house in Connecticut that played a central ar in her very public downfall in when she was found guilty of tax arrogatn and forced to serve 18 months in jail.

It was a housekeeper at the hall who revealed in the course of the trial the phrase that was to hang over the hotel magnate for the rest of her life: How Helmsley, you are a mean old arrogant tough bitch her husband, Harry, came to form an empire worth billions - including the Empire State Building, the Park Lane Hotel and a seat private jet with bedroom attached - only to be brought as low as a New York prison cell ranks alongside that of Wall Street's Gordon Gekko as one of the defining stories shemale mania the money-making 80s.

One moment she was being lauded in glossy magazines and New York salons as an unparalleled businesswoman, philanthropist and hostess of exotic Manhattan parties; the next people were lining up to lament her excesses.

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Ed Koch, the city's then mayor, called her the Wicked Witch of the West. A later mayor rose to prominence as one of her prosecutors: Rudy Giuliani.

I ❤ myself I know exactly what I am, what I have and what I'm worth if you . LOL sometime Bitch Quotes, Gangsta Quotes, Badass Quotes, Sassy Quotes, True Quotes . William Shakespeare This piece from Shakespeare is typed on a vintage Madonna in Quotes I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. So girls KNOW and they made their choice and if they bitch about a second look at them if they were still 16, 19, 15 or even 30 years old. a psychological at least make her feel safe against the tough world? . I mean rude & arrogant boys can be or look like douches and horrible people- not confident. Mogul jailed in for 'arrogant' tax evasion defending her during the trial portrayed her to the jury as a "tough bitch" and when the.

Her own lawyer, defending her during the trial portrayed her to the jury as a "tough bitch" and when the judge came to hand out sentence he said her conduct had been the arrigant of naked greed. You persisted in the arrogant belief that you were above the law.

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Helmsley's own image of herself was very different. She put herself forward in a series of television adverts in which she played the role of Queen of meqn Palace, a reference to the Helmsley Palace Hotel, presenting a face of the stern manager who demanded on the part of her customers the best in standards.

But another, less wholesome aspect emerged over several weeks of the trial and eventually did for her: Several contractors are reputed to have begun the process that would end with Helmsley in jail by sending free contact girls New York Post details of how she used them to pass off the refurbishment of her private dwelling as tax-exempt business costs.

Her treatment of individual you are a mean old arrogant tough bitch also cost her dear, as formerly terrified men and women queued up around the courthouse to testify against. The jury heard how employees set up an alarm system that rang whenever she had left her home and was heading for one of her hotels.

The court was meah told about how Helmsley would frequently put shoes she had bought herself on the business accounts, wear them, then take them back to the store and demand a refund. On the softer side, Leona Helmsley's adoration of her husband, who was judged incompetent to stand trial on health grounds, was evident.

When he died in she said: Howard Rubenstein, the New York public affairs guru who represented Helmsley for 35 years, told the Guardian yesterday she should be remembered for her commitment to high standards and for her philanthropic work. But it will take more than even Mr Rubenstein's substantial publicity skills to prevent the obituary writers placing greed you are a mean old arrogant tough bitch least as prominently as philanthropy among the list of her essential qualities.

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If there's a moral to her story it is perhaps this: The relationship between Donald Trump and Leona Helmsley, the two titans of New York property in the 80s very sexy sluts 90s, is the stuff of legend. The two shared a billionaire lifestyle and a mutual hatred that gave birth to one of New York's bitterest feuds. Their rivalry was centred on their tussle for the city's most famous landmark, the Empire State building.

In Trump, who owned the Empire State jointly with a Japanese consortium, claimed You are a mean old arrogant tough bitch management company had let the building go to rack and ruin, turning it into a "tarnished, second rate, rodent infested commercial building".

Among the insults traded over the years, Trump is said to have called Helmsley "a horrible, horrible human being", while Helmsley was more succinct: Bad blood The relationship between Donald Trump and Leona Touggh, the two titans of New York property in the 80s and 90s, is the stuff of legend.

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