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Why do doctors spank babies when they are born I Am Look For Sex

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Why do doctors spank babies when they are born

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As water is poured out, the pressure drops. Maria Oden, Ms.

Brown is seeking a hospital in Africa where she can test her invention. She also needs financing for the research, and approval from ethics boards at the hospital and her university.

Why do doctors spank babies when they are born I Am Ready Teen Fuck

Oden said. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. Source s: Add a comment.

Spank Baby. Even though you always see the doctor hit the baby on the bottom when it's born, they don't doctods do. Most babies begin to cry almost immediately when they are taken.

If not then, the doctor suctions the babies mouth out and this almost always causes the reaction of crying. I think that is just something that makes for a funny moment in a tv. My son cried when they began to clean him off, no smacking the butt involved.

They used too, but they don't do it anymore. Most times the babies are spanked because they can't breathe and it's to help the baby cough up the fluid and take it's first breath.

This Site Might Help You. They no longer do. Now they do something much worse; they flick the kid on the foot till he starts crying. You may think this is better, but it s not.

Why do doctors spank babies when they are born I Look Nsa Sex

Ae baby s nasty slutty women is extremely sensitive, and has pressure points all over it that coincide with different bodily functions. However, some stupid parents screamed that it was child abuse, so the doctors changed it. Not to sure, but I believe it's to make sure the babies lungs work. They don't at least not nowadays anyways.

Pagination 1.

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Existing questions. Related Questions You know how when a baby is born the Doctor spanks the baby on the bottom to get the baby to breathe? Why do doctors spank babies when they are born?

I think that Thelma being thirty years old when she had Joann had a lot to do I didn't know that doctors spanked babies to get them to start breathing on The doctor and his nurse didn't leave the house one time until after Joann was born. This is no longer practiced but the idea of spanking new born's butts is to Why do they take a newborn baby's footprint at the hospital?. Doctors would hold the baby by the feet to let fluids drain and only spanked the baby to startle them into breathing. Today, they gently slap the.

The doctor spanked my baby when he was born, so I punched the doctor, now I have to go to court.? More questions. Why do Christian doctors spank a baby when it is first born?

Why do doctors spank babies when they're born? Answer Questions Should I take my baby to urgent care????