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Is being single forever bad

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Back in January, the UK announced they were is being single forever bad a Minister of Loneliness to tackle the problem of social isolation and being single became the new smoking. Many studies have shown that single people die younger than their married counterparts, as much vad a decade!!!

Researchers simply suggest this is because because men lower their drinking to meet their female partner and vice versa. But by god, it does feel like you drink a more as a single person, right?

According to a study by Zoocasathe home-price-to-income ratio for a single person os central Toronto is a whooping 17 times that of their median income. The rule of thumb is generally your home-to-income level should be roughly three or four times your income.

What does this really mean? Also, your aunt will ask you when you are going to settle down and that is like, totally annoying.

You stay up way later. You try to combat your loneliness by staying up super late playing video games and drinking cheap tallboys, doing the play-by-play commentary of your favourite sports game yourself, then conduct fake interviews with players after it's finished so I've heard, at.

Then you show up to work on a few hours of sleep feeling like a complete pile of shit, and, of course, just do it all over again the next night. A billion?

And you never did, right? See every shitty anti-women subreddit.

OK, this one might be a bit self-selective. Life is just more expensive when single!

Travelling by yourself can be awesome. But if you are in that middle range, where you have become the the creepy guy in fofever hosteltravelling alone can be a bit of drag on your emotions and expenses.

So you never really evolve emotionally and end up writing whiney lists about being single. Basically, non-sexual touching have have profound healthy emotional and physical consequences. Yeah, you read that one right—hell, there is even a god-dang peer-reviewed study to back is being single forever bad up. So, long story short, if you ever get heart surgery, or any other major surgery actually, you are more likely to die.

Ina bunch of doctors followed patients after they got cardiac surgery for five years and found that single people were nearly twice as likely to kick the can as married ones.