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Friends united meeting website

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Read More. Tickets Bought—Nikki Holland Begins Service in Belize We are so happy to announce that Nikki Uited and her family are going to Belize on time, because of the incredible generosity of so many of you!

Why Nikki? Why August 15th? As the largest organization of Quakers, Friends United Meeting is decidedly centrist and contains a wide range of Christian Quaker theological outlooks from very progressive and inclusive views to very conservative and traditional beliefs among individual members, Monthly Meetings untied Churches, and affiliated Friends united meeting website Meetings within FUM.

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This has friends united meeting website led to some friction within the larger organization. FUM also serves a wide range of Quaker worship styles keeting their Meetings for worship from unprogrammed, which is lay-led and on the basis of silence, to semi-programmed, which is pastor-led and include some elements of a traditional church service in addition to a period of open worship, to completely programmed.

Friends United Meeting considers itself to be noncreedal which allows it to embrace a wide range of Christian Quaker theological viewpoints. Friends have no creeds—no official words can substitute for a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

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God is love and wants to communicate inwardly with everyone who is willing. Worship is spiritual and must be Spirit-led.

As a people gathered into the life of Jesus, we serve as a sign to the world that all things are being reconciled through Christ. Friends seek to extend this same grace to others—especially those who are otherwise meeeting. Through grace and gifts God makes available to all of us, we share ffiends the work and witness of ministry. Though we have distinct gifts and friends united meeting website callings, the Holy Spirit binds us together and helps us function as friends united meeting website members of the Body—with no distinct or priority based on age, culture economic status, particular role or gender.

In a world where people are consistently separated and divided by class, culture, gender, education, race, etc—Quakers stand in opposition. In our life together and in our social interactions, we look for ways to foster equity, justice, non-discrimination.

This is a call, not only to speak the truth in all situations, but to be honest friends united meeting website authentic in all dealings with. Similarly, it reminds us that there must be consistency between the religious convictions we profess and the life we possess.

As people committed to friends united meeting website Truth, we avoid making oaths and seek to practice plain and honest speech. Leadership and Resource Wbesite Friends United Meeting provides educational and inspirational resources to assist local and Yearly Meetings to grow and flourish in the Spirit of Christ and create ways to guide Friends to that living Source from which the Quaker testimonies originated.

FUM operates a leading school in Palestine, a theological college in East Africa, advances friends united meeting website education throughout hundreds of Kenyan schools, hosts a wide variety of practical trainings, and seeks to be a hub for sharing resources across our community. A growing concern for FUM has been advancing girl-child education opportunities in places where the rights of young women are often ignored.

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In some places, this means FUM helps train and support church planters and evangelists who are called to embody and share the love of Christ with others in a culturally appropriate way.

In other places, evangelism is expressed through friends united meeting website water projects, medical ministry, and working with Meetings and Churches to find new ways to connect with their local webxite.

By relying on story-telling and creative media, our communication efforts serve meetung an invitation to a deeper commitment to the Holy Spirit and the work and witness of Friends.