Frequently Asked Questions

The Artwork

What kind of prints does Childish produce?

Our Black and White prints are screen printed by hand in Berlin on quality Hahnemühle paper.


Our Color Giclée prints are digitally printed in Berlin on quality Hahnemühle paper with archival ink.


Do the artists get paid for their work?

The intent of Childish is to empower young artists and nurture the visual arts community by


1/ showcasing their creative works and processes, and

2/ helping other children to access arts and community, with a pay-it-forward system of funding for young creatives through the sales of works by other young creatives.


Featured artists will be given a print of their art, and a Creativity Kit, full of new art supplies to inspire new work.

Does Childish sell framed prints?

Childish does not currently sell our prints framed, but may offer this in the future.

Can I order custom print sizes?

It is sometimes possible to order custom sizes of our prints.  Please sent us a note with the image (s) you are interested in and what sizes you’d like, and we will try our best.

Can I order prints wholesale for sale in my boutique?

Yes, please contact us directly for more information.

Submitting Art

How do I submit a file for consideration?

Visit our ‘How To Submit’ Page for details.

What kinds of work is Childish looking for?

We are looking for all kinds of creative visual works, as long as it is original and created by a child between the ages of 3 and 13 years old. We will consider drawings, paintings, collage, made with ink paper, pen, pencil, paint, etc. We are looking more for selections that are unique and vibrant, rather than technically-well crafted. We will accept digital art. We will accept art with handwriting incorporated.


We will not consider: traced work, reproductions of other works (for example, Disney characters) coloring books.

Can I submit my child’s artwork?

Yes! Please send us an email containing photos/scan of the work or send it through our online form. If selections are chosen, we will need permission from you to use the work in our collection. As the child’s legal guardian, we will need you to sign our Artwork Usage Agreement.

Can I submit artwork from a class I teach?

Definitely! Please send us an email containing photos/scan of the work. Keep in mind that if selections are chosen, we will need permission from the child’s guardian to use the work in our collection. The child’s legal guardian, will need to sign our Artwork Usage Agreement.

Will the original artwork be modified?

Our goal is to present reproductions as true to the original as possible. The final artworks will be derivative digitized prints. Adjustments like cropping, colorization, and contrast may be done for better visibility and impact in a printed reproduction. The work will, in most cases, be enlarged for printing.

Do the artists maintain copyright to the original artwork?

Yes, the original artwork copyright remains with the artist. In our Artwork Usage Agreement, Childish will have exclusive distribution rights over the derivative digital artwork. Our agreement maintains that the original artwork or any digital derivative of the work may not be sold personally, or at any other venue, for the duration of our contract.

The Company

Where is Childish based?

Childish is currently being developed in Berlin.

Where do proceeds from sales go?

Funds raised will go directly to arts-focused organizations, within the community of origin, or with another international partner. A portion of profits will go back into Childish for further series’ curation, and development of new content and projects. We are dedicated to continuously giving back to the community in various ways, from funding scholarships for young artists, to developing accessible programs, to offering arts supplies to children who wouldn’t otherwise have access. Our goal will be to showcase the funds at work as collaborations come to fruition.

Where are your contributing artists located?

Childish showcases work from all over the world. We encourage submissions from anywhere in the world, and periodically we will feature series’ from different regions.

Can my organization be sponsored by Childish?

We are looking for partners to work with to creating quality arts programs and projects for Children. If this is something that interests you, please get in touch to introduce your organization or idea.

What location will you feature next?

If you want us to feature young artists in your community, we would love to hear from you!

Where do you ship? What does shipping cost?

We ship our prints internationally.


We are happy to offer a flat-rate shipping price of $5 (USD).

For orders over $100, we are happy to offer free shipping.


Please read our Shipping Policy for more details.

Can I get a Childish Gift Card?

We’re working on it. Please get in touch if you’d like this.

Giving Back

Can I donate directly to a children's art organization?

We do not accept donations directly but can offer a selection of amazing organizations that you can contact about donations.

How are funds spent for recipient organizations?

In collaboration with local arts organizations, a portion of profits raised through sale of artworks will go back to the community, in various forms including supplies, scholarships, new program development and financial aid to local organizations. Different places have different needs, so rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we aim to put funds towards what can be of most use to the community.