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Bored at work at a hotel

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Not all international business travelers can relax and watch a movie in English.

They typically end up zapping endlessly, finishing their day with frustration. They can only do that if they speak the local language, which fewer business guests. Not much on international TV channels.

International channels in hotels are subject to their geographic location. They receive them via satellite, so hotels in some countries will get more channels for example.

Anyhow, the vast majority of the interesting channels and shows are still in English, qork the subtitles are not always available in every language. So again, there are not many interesting choices.

If the hotel or the apartment has an IPTV solution which offers movies on-demand, firstly the guests will have to pay extra to watch, and secondly the list of movie choices needs to bored at work at a hotel satisfactory. Frequent business travelers, or people who watch a lot of movies, often find themselves without many choices as they also watch movies during flights and at home.

When you work at the front desk of a hotel what do you do in the middle of the night to .. It is one of the most relaxing boring jobs I ever had. Fearing a slow death from the steady drip of boredom? you're stuck in a hotel room during a trip then you don't need to work, you don't need. Does anyone work in a hotel and have advice or information good or . Working at the front desk of a hotel is mindless and boring, although.

Irrelevant streaming services. They can either connect their device to the hotel room TV or use the hotel TV apps for logging into to their Netflix, Hulu, Amazon TV or other accounts if they have one.

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How can hotels improve the in-room experience of international business guests? Then look at the data and see what are the most important nationalities, languages and preferences of your business guests.

The next step speak with your hotel TV solution provider, and ask them to find and send you relevant content in these languages or with subtitles in these languages. It generates a much higher guest satisfaction. By Akis Laopodis.

Akis Laopodis is Hotsl of Brainsift, which is a two-sided platform for hospitality decision makers and hospitality solution vendors. The company is a free platform that helps hospitality businesses discover, compare and choose the right suppliers and partners for growing their bookings and bored at work at a hotel their operations. The resources are available in various formats such as educational content, live sessions and performance tools.

Brainsift offers solutions that help companies who want to reach and work with hotels and accommodations in an easy affordable and scalable manner. Why do international business travelers borde bored in hotel rooms and Airbnbs? Top five questions about switching to a new PMS.

The top five commercial hospitality furniture brands.